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Hello, my name is Candace “Kendake” and thank you for entering my site.

ROBERTIMARI RAW is Natural Handmade Bath N Body Products Crafted by me... Soaps, Salts, Scrubs, Whipped Shea Body Butter, Bath

Bombs, Soap on a Loofa, Soap on a Rope, Raw African Black Soap and Scented Body Candles!!!!!

The name ROBERTIMARI comes from my two inspirations Robert my son and Imari my daughter, thus the name ROBERTIMARI.


ROBERTIMARI has been a vision for 10 years and was introduced 5 years ago to family and close friends who have since then inspired me to extend my services to others.


Yes like everyone else I started in the kitchen but not just mine, I travel with my products, supplies, massage chair and table. Need it to be the East Coast or West Coast, New Jersey, North Carolina, Los Angeles, or San Diego, I am BREWING! 


With great encouragement and determination, I’ve decided to offer my products and services to everyone. Diva parties, sista circles, women empowerment, hair shows, church venues, concerts in the park, swap meets, flea markets, and wineries

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