MASSAGE SERVICES   Currently offered 


  • ROBERTIMARI Signature Massage

Experience the ancient art of combining the sense of smell with touch. Brown Sugar and Coconut essential oils are used in a gentle effective massage to reduce stress, increasing energy or induce relaxation.


  • Swedish Massage

This popular massage uses pressure to reduce tension and ensure relaxation. This massage involves a combination of light, long strokes and kneading techniques designed to transport you into alignment.


  • Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

A variety of techniques that relax knotted muscles from accumulated daily stress.


  • Mini Massage

A short message targeted especially for the muscles that are mistreating you the most.


  • Hot Stone Massage

This unique method of bodywork utilizes warm and cool stones to bring immediate relief to sore, stiff muscles. Feel aches and pains replaced by warmth and stillness, as warmed; Salt River rocks melt away tension and connect you to the grounding energy of Mother Earth.


  • Chair Massage

This is by far the most convenient method of massage therapy. Chair massage lasts about 20 minutes and is done while fully clothed. It promotes better circulation and muscle stimulation. This form of massage reduces tension in the back, neck, and shoulders as well as tight muscles caused by stress and sitting at a computer all day can restrict blood flow. Chair massage is great not only for businesses but also for social gatherings, parties, girls’ night out, and health fairs.




  • ROBERTIAMRI Slender Trim Signature Body Wrap

Slender Trim Body Wraps are professionally designed to remove excess and unwanted waste in the body’s tissue while tightening and toning the skin. The Body Wrap process is capable of removing up to 20 inches from the entire body in addition to reducing the appearance of cellulite. Slender Trim Body Wrap also purifies the body of harmful toxins that accumulate through such factors as aging, improper diet, lack of exercise, medication, smoking, and stress. 

  • Seaweed Body Wrap

combines five unique seaweeds to provide powerful benefits for those clients who want to enjoy the therapeutic and rejuvenating efforts of the sea. Once applied to the skin, the pores soak in the minerals which calm the nervous system. This remineralization process is the key therapeutic benefit. The sea mud also has a cosmetic benefit as the skin is replenished by natural elements.  

  • European Rose Mud Wrap

This rose clay from France, blended with emollient ingredients, offers both extreme moisturizing and therapeutic drawing-cleansing properties. It is like a facial for the entire body.

  • Black Baltic Body Mud Wrap

the Black Baltic mud penetrates pores to unleash the effects of its core therapeutic agents to purify the skin and aid in detoxification. It eliminates and reduces muscle tension. 



  • ROBERTIMARI Signature Scrub

Exfoliating scented body scrub and condensed full body massage. Featuring shredded coconut and brown sugar crystals to gently buff away skin cells. This re-energizing treatment concludes with hot steamed towels to remove the product finalized with an application of brown sugar moisturizing lotion.

  • Glowing Glory Scrub and Polish

Enjoy this exfoliation treatment using Dead Sea salt with ten times more salt than seawater, the Dead Sea offers high concentrations of minerals for fluid retention and stress, sore muscles as well as pain relief. It also helps relieve minor aches and pains, nervous stress, and psoriatic skin. Dead Sea crystals stimulate but are not too abrasive to the skin. Finishing up with a light to medium pressure mini massage. All while listening to soothing sounds of gospel.